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Estimated delivery times and geo-restrictions note
KRONA will ship the goods within the agreed time when you complete the order procedures.
*** Note: Domestic delivery to provinces and suburbs of Da Nang may fluctuate 3-4 days with locations in districts, communes, remote areas (from the time the money is transferred to the company’s account) (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays).
A trader providing logistics services exercising a lien right has the following obligations:
  • Preservation and preservation of goods; information of goods documents in the process of delivery
  • The goods may not be used without the consent of the party to whom the goods are held;
  • Compensation for damage to the party whose goods are held in custody if the goods are lost or damaged.

Traders providing logistics services are not responsible for damage to goods arising in the following cases:

  • The loss is due to the fault of the customer or the seller.
  • Loss arising from logistics service traders strictly following the instructions of the customer or the seller.
  • Loss is caused by a defect in the goods;
  • Loss arising in the cases where liability is exempted according to the provisions of law and transport practices if the trader providing logistics services organizes transportation;
  • The trader providing logistics services does not receive a notice of the complaint within fourteen days from the date the trader providing logistics services delivers the goods to the recipient;
  • After being complained, the logistics service trader does not receive notice of being sued at Arbitration or Court within nine months from the date of delivery.