○ Mandatory hand washing of all KORONA products to keep the garment’s best durability. Do not rub vigorously, just gently rub in the details of hand-made attachments.
○ Prioritize using cold water to wash the product and do not use soap with a high detergent concentration. Especially do not use detergent for the costume.
○ Should classify products into colors when washing, do not soak the product.


Note: Dry cleaning for all KORONA products, limiting the number of washes for products made of tweed, that is one of the effective tricks to preserve the product condition



○ It is recommended to use a standing steam iron
○ Turn clothes inside out before ironing
○ Iron in order from the inside out, and iron according to the folds of the garment
○ It is recommended to adjust the appropriate temperature for each type of fabric:




180 – 200 °C

Silk cloth

140 – 160 °C

Wool fabric

165 – 190 °C

Acrylic yarn, cotton, and nylon fabric

135 °C


○ Clean the steam iron regularly


Should not:

○ Sudden increase in iron temperature
○ Pouring tap water, smelling water into the steam iron will cause clothes to smell and leave stains
○ Ironing when the product is not completely dry



○ Dry in a cool and windy place, do not expose to the scorching sun, it will easily fade the color of the fabric
○ Turn clothes inside out before drying
○ Separate vibrant colors from light colors to avoid color spreading
○ For T-shirts or round neck tops: Thread the hook from the bottom up to avoid stretching the collar
○ For woolen clothes: Hang horizontally on a clothesline, avoid straightening to not stretch the wool fibers, or lose the original shape of the garment.
○ For silk, nylon, and synthetic fabrics: Should be dried in cool shaded places, because those fabrics cannot withstand high temperatures under the sun.

Should not:

○ Hanging clothes overnight, clothes are easily contaminated with dew causing dampness and bad-smelling
○ Hanging clothes in damp places, steam will make clothes smell, leaving black stains
○ Drying clothes near smelly places such as the kitchen, heat, and grease will make clothes smell, dirty again
○ For colorful clothes: Do not expose to direct sunlight because sunlight can fade the color of the products.
○ For light-colored clothes: Do not dry in places with a lot of dust, because when being wet, light-colored fabrics are easy to stick to dust, leaving traces.




○ For cotton or knitted material: Should be neatly folded and put in the closet
○ For trousers, shirts: Use hangers to keep the shape of the product
○ For clothes that are not used frequently: Should be wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid dust caused by long-term storage
○ It is recommended to clean the wardrobe periodically to ensure that the clothes are not moldy
○ It is recommended to use appropriate clothes hooks, hook the right folds of clothes to avoid the product stretching